What is WHATS Creations?  
The founders of WHATS Creations. Dr. Rajitha Swaris and Mrs. Sreen Priyadharshani.
WHATS Creations is a family organization established with the aim of inculcating virtuous values in society through the creation of society-friendly projects.
Dr. Rajitha Swaris and his wife, Mrs. Sreen Priyadharshani are the co-founders of WHATS Creations. The name ‘WHAT’ originates from the first letters of their names. Warsha, Hiru, Akash Tharu and Sreen. All names that depict nature and elements that makes up the universe.
Being close to Mother Nature Dr. Rajitha Swaris and Mrs. Sreen Priyadharshani together have been producing various projects that helps to protect the environment as well as helping to build a better society. 
According to Founders, the main aim of organizing projects is to help bring back our cultural values that are gradually fading away from our society today. Most of the projects they produces under WHATS Creations targets at uplifting the minds of children, as it is only through building the minds of children, that a virtuous society can be created.
With this thought in mind, WHATS Creations is in the process of producing the film “ Punchi Andare” which is catered specially for children. For many generations the folk stories of Andare have enriched our culture and Sinhala literature with great humour. The character of Andare, who according to folk tales lived a few centuries ago is slowly melting away from our culture. Thus through this film Dr. Rajitha Swaris hopes that Andare will keep on living, and bring back the simple, carefree nature of our people, as well as the humour that children of past generations enjoyed. As technology is taking away the childhood of today’s children, it is sad to see how seldom they have the time to live and dream and experience simple pleasures of life. Through projects such as “Punchi Andare” Dr. Swaris believes that it will help to bring back the childhood that is lost and help to reinstate the Sri Lankan culture, its various time tested customs, beliefs, and social values in the lives of today’s children.

  Punchi Andare
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